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South Spadina Digital Marketer is a personal blog that I started during my studies as a digital marketer. It was originally part of an assignment, but I kept it going as further practice for online marketing and promotion, search engine optimization, social media, and so on. With this blog, I will share tests, updates and news from Google and other top digital marketing sources. I’ll often throw in my own opinions and thoughts about the industry.

My goal is start a conversation based on tips and advice for digital marketing best practices, both my own opinion and with input from other specialists and influencers.

Importance of Designing Websites for User Experience

When building or adjusting your website—either from a design or a content perspective—you should keep user experience in mind above all else. This is important for search engine optimization and online marketing. What follows is a quick breakdown of why.

Search Engine Optimization

When optimizing your website to rank better in search results, especially for Google, user experience is one of the higher ranking factors. If a user clicks on your site through the SERP and finds a site that is slow, clunky, confusing, or poorly organized they will quickly bounce. The more this happens, the more your ranking dips.

Accuserv Heating is a business near me, and their website is a good example of building a website right:

• It loads quickly • The layout is well structured and easy to navigate • The content a user might want to find is easy to find with the menu pinned in the header • It is not over-designed but is pleasant to look at and the design supports the content

When users are searching for queries related to the business, they are far more likely to stay on the site for a while rather than bouncing. That's the key.

sOnline Marketing

When you create an advertisement online (either through Google's display network, search results page, or through social media), you don't want to direct users to a website or landing page that is not optimized for user experience. When it comes to SEO, it's because a poor user experience leads to lower search results rankings. With online marketing, it leads to you wasting your money.

The last thing you should do is spend a lot of money making a great ad, paying to place it on important sites only to drive any potential leads away with the page you show them first.

For online marketing, your website and landing page should be simple. Whatever the user expects to see after clicking on your ad is what the page should show, and nothing more. Give them the necessary information for the promotion or sale, include a call to action for them to submit a lead and leave it at that. Make sure everything is as logical and easy to understand as possible.

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